There are 12 locations for Rental Car Dubai, making it trouble free and safe for you to get around the city when you visit UAE. To keep you safe from the scorching heat as well as making it easier to visit some stunning buildings in Dubai like Burj al-Arab and Burj Khalifa, we give you utmost luxurious car to travel in. Since recent years Dubai has become a hot spot and luxurious holiday destination.

There is a lot to see in Dubai, including some of the bewitching beaches, tall structures and sumptuous hotels. Old Dubai is the heart of historic mosques and buildings whereas Modern Dubai has those shimmering glamour to attract tourists for shopping. In both cases, you need to rent a car for getting around the city.

Fares included in Rental Package

When you plan to go for rent a car, there are few fares which are included in the rental charges. Those are:

If somehow the car’s bodywork gets disfigured, you will pay the damage excess as covered by CDW. The duration of this cover is valid only if follow the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. It doesn’t include other parts of the car or other charges.

This includes the driver’s accountability for property damage or injuries which are incorporated by the policy. This will be valid if you are following the terms and conditions of the agreement.

You can drive for unlimited kilometers free of cost. In case if you change the length of your rental it will affect your free kilometers. It will also have an impact on the charges that you will pay for the additional kilometer.

Fair Practice Policy

Rental Car Dubai believes in having fair practice policy with their customers.  That is why we try our best to be fair, and never charge more from our clients who are willing to have rent a car

Hassle Free Rental

If you want to rent a car then we can provide you with following services free of hassle



Rental Car Dubai provides some benefits:

Individual approach

Our team of friendly, skilled and expert professionals try to follow distinctive preferences of every customer. You can try us for the best and impressive rental deals. Just visit our website and go through the variety of cars we have, from luxury models to golf class all we have under one roof.






March 10, 2018